Monday, October 31, 2011

Watch Review: Casio G-Shock G5600CC-2 & NaNoWriMo Hiatus

The Casio G-Shock G5600CC-w is a 2011 update to the venerable G5600 series, which features an iridescent dark blue resin shell and strap and a blue negative LCD display.  It measures 43mm wide, making it one of the most reasonably sized G-Shocks on the market - which makes sense, as this model was designed to be unisex.  It features Tough Solar technology for recharging its battery by light (both sunlight and artificial light works, though the former is, of course, far more effective), multiple GMT settings for easy shifting between timezones, and the standard alarm, chronograph, and timer functions you'd find on almost any G-Shock.  The real draw here is the unique color of the watch and its negative LCD display, and if you're a big fan of blue, like me, then you'll definitely be satisfied here.

At the same time, under normal lighting conditions (the pictures here are all closeups with flash to highlight the iridescent nature of the blue resin), the watch's color appears navy blue, almost passing for black at the most cursory glance.  That makes it possible to achieve a unique balance with this model that most other G-Shocks fail to do: be both flashy and understated at the same time.  The casual passerby will probably assume it's the same uniform black G-Shock (as most progenitor G5600s are) that you most often find in the wild, though those who examine it more closely will be rewarded by its more unique attributes.

The biggest factor holding me back from purchasing the G5600CC-2 was whether the strap would accommodate my 6-inch wrist.  Most normal-length straps are a notch or two too big for me, which has been a continual problem as I've shopped around for strap options.   I'm happy to say that the G5600CC-2 fits my wrist on its 3rd shortest hole, and as its extra-long strap is studded with holes along most of its length, I'd have to assume it would accommodate wrists of virtually any size.

Despite G-Shock's reputation for putting out watches with pie pan-sized faces, the G5600CC-2 strikes a good balance.  At 43mm, it's on the larger size of my watch box, but it looks well proportioned on the wrist.  The only downside to its one-size-fits-all strap is that a good amount of it will be folded around on smaller wrists.  It's not too much of a problem on a digital sports watch like this, but still something to consider:

The Casio G-Shock G5600CC-2 retails for $120, but you can (as I did) find it online for much less.  Amazon carries it, along with a wide variety of G-Shocks, including another G5600 series model, the G5600CC-3D, which features a vibrant green case and green positive LCD display.


On a side note, updates may be sparser in November as I will be participating in NaNoWriMo 2011.  For more information, or to keep track of my progress in the event, stay tuned to updates on Fictional Matters!

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