Sunday, February 26, 2012

Timex Weekender T2N649 Follow-Up Review: On Steel Bracelet

The combination you see above is the T2N649 Weekender - the only one with a gray dial - paired up with the steel bracelet from the white-dialed T2N656 Weekender "Central Park" variant.  Looking at the two watches, I had a hunch that the bracelet would suit the gray dial perfectly.  I think it's safe to say that things worked out nicely.

It's a shame that Timex doesn't sell the gray dialed Weekender paired up with the steel bracelet (or is it a clever ploy to get us to buy two Weekenders in order to assemble the perfect one?).

As I mentioned in my original Weekender review, it really is the perfect under-$40 watch.  This particular combination looks as comfortable under a suit cuff as it does paired with a t-shirt and jeans.  And despite what one reviewer claimed, the links are removable, though it does require quite a bit of force to get them to budge.  But given how short they are (see the picture above), and the fact that the clasp includes a two-step micro adjustment, it's easily the most customizable and well-fitting bracelet I've ever encountered, at any price point.  And since it has straight lug ends and a commonly found 20mm width, it'll work with a vast selection of watches well beyond the venerable Weekenders.

Well done, Timex.  Well done.

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