Monday, July 15, 2013

Watch Radar: Crazy Affordable/Value Find: Casio MTP1183E-7ACF

Cruising Amazon's watch selection, I came across what looks like a strong contender to the Timex Weekender series as an ultra-affordable watch:  This Casio MTP1183E-7ACF clocks in around $20, but from all indications would look right at home with a suit:

The leather strap will probably prove stiff and plasticky, but the fit and finish of the case, dial, and hands seem to put the Weekenders to shame.  I have a spare brown leather strap, a couple of NATOs, and the mesh-like bracelet from my Weekender escapades to try on it when it arrives.  At this price, I couldn't help but try it out.  If it's as good in the flesh as it seems on the screen, I may have found my new top recommendation for an ultra-affordable.

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